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Trump Does It Again…Attempts To Pull EU In A Trade War

Despite the threats over the US economy due to the ongoing trade war with China, President Trump is at it again as he tries to take on Europe with his grievances in the upcoming G-7 gathering in France. According to senior administration officials, president Trump is planning to raise accusations of unfair trade practices over some of their most trusted allies. This is supposed to happen during the G-7 summit.

The meeting hasn’t started but the usual behavioral pattern of Donald Trump in which he alienates his friends and takes side of a nemesis, is pretty evident. Recently due to the fact that Danish PM rebuffed his proposal to buy Greenland, Trump called him ‘Nasty’. He also cancelled his trip to the country. As Russia was removed out of the group due to their invasion of Crimea, President was seen supporting Russia as he said that they should be reinstated into the group. He also blamed the former president Barack Obama for this instead of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Trump rejuvenated his attacks on Europe before the meeting when he called German chancellor Angela Merkel out and accused European nations of ‘killing US on trade’. This happened during a campaign rally in New Hampshire. He also said that he may impose 100% tariffs over French vine during a fund raiser event in Hamptons.

This all may seem normal but anxiety is growing among people in White House due to the trade war against China which is now looking to be more threatening and may pull US economy into a recession. Despite the constant assurances by officials and Trump about the economy, people in White House strongly believe that the issue with China needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Trade wasn’t initially scheduled to appear among the issues during the summit but Trump insisted on adding an agenda specifically for trade.

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