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Intelligence Might Be Linked To Health And Aging

For more than 100 Years, researchers have sought to know what connects an individual’s general intelligence, aging, and health. In a recent study, a UM (University of Missouri) scientist suggests a prototype where mitochondria—or small energy making parts of cells—can form the base of this connection. This insight can offer valuable information to scientists examining different genetic and environmental influences and substitute treatments for age-related diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease. David Geary—Curators Distinguished Professor at the UM—said, “There are many of hypotheses on what this association is, but no replica to link them all together.”

He further added, “Mitochondria generate cellular energy in the body and energy accessibility is the lowest ordinary denominator required for the functioning of all organic systems. My model demonstrates mitochondrial function may aid in explaining the link amid general intelligence, aging, and health.” Mitochondria produce cellular energy or ATP. They also respond to their surroundings, so Geary stated habits like diet and regular exercise with fruits and vegetables can encourage healthy mitochondria.

Recently, the UM was in news for its study that stated that some women can be more vulnerable to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) than others. Childhood trauma is known to amplify the peril of PTSD in adulthood, particularly for women, but the natural reasons for this association remain mostly unknown. In a recent study from the UM, scientists have proposed a key to this mystery in the outline of a model that can help psychiatrists in better understanding the far-reaching collisions of untimely trauma on women, while also explaining why not all women having traumatic childhoods develop PTSD. Owing to hormonal differences amid the sexes, the study was centralized only on women. The prototype describes how the body’s major stress response system could be damaged due to trauma or abuse in childhood, resulting in a reduced ability to battle with stress and greater vulnerability to PTSD later in life.

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