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Genetic Treatment Heals Harm Caused By Heart Attack

Scientists from King’s College London have discovered a treatment that can encourage heart cells to regenerate following a heart attack. Myocardial infarction—also known as a heart attack—is caused by the unexpected obstructing of one of the cardiac coronary arteries, which is the main reason for heart failure. This is a condition that presently affects more than 23 Million people in the world, as reported by the WHO (World Health Organization). Currently, when an individual survives a heart attack or stroke, they are left with everlasting structural harm to their heart with the formation of a scar, which can cause heart failure in the prospect. Contrary to fish and salamander, that can restore the heart throughout life.

The study was published in the journal Nature. The team of researchers delivered a small section of genetic material—known as microRNA-199—to the heart of pigs, following a myocardial infarction that resulted in the complete recovery of the heart’s function at 1 Month later. Professor Mauro Giacca—Lead Author from King’s College London—said, “It is a quite exciting moment for this field. After so many failed attempts at regenerate the heart by using stem cells, for the first instance we see the actual cardiac repair in a large animal.”

Recently, King’s College London was also in news as its study stated that blood test aids in accurate and rapid identification of pre-eclampsia. The new study was published in The Lancet. The research has discovered that an easy blood test can aid in making the diagnosis for an ordinary and potentially fatal pregnancy complication. The group of researchers from King’s College London discovered that by calculating the concentration of PlGF (placental growth factor) in a woman’s blood, the doctors were able to identify pre-eclampsia on normal 2 Days sooner.

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