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A Generic Drug For Prevention Of HIV Might Arrive In 2021

Gilead, pharmaceutical behemoth, has decided to launch its exclusive copyright to make and sell Truvada, the HIV-prevention drug. This means we can see a generic edition of the PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) on the market earlier than hoped for. The news headline is seen as a win for people who might be at an elevated danger of getting HIV.

The declaration, during the 2019 Q1 SEC filing by Gilead, offers Teva as the only generic maker in the US. But Gilead will attain its exclusive rights for more 15 Months. “We do not hope for generic Truvada until 2021 in the United States,” the firm claimed to the media said in its earnings call.

#BreakThePatent, a group that has supported for a generic edition, claims that sharing the patent with only Teva will not do enough to lower the price of the drug. As per #BreakThePatent, Gilead at present prices Truvada in the range of $1,600 and $2,000 for a supply for one month. The group is also worried with the shortage of transparency surrounding the settlement. As per the NIH (National Institutes of Health), Truvada can lower the danger of getting HIV by 99%.

On a related note, there seems to be more than one potential sign in the race to find cure for HIV. Scientists have offered a London patient a stem cell bone marrow transplant that has left him free of HIV for the last 18 Months. As the donor has CCR5 delta 32 (a very rare genetic mutation) that makes them resistant to HIV, the stem cells killed the HIV with just a “small reaction” from the therapy. It is an optimistic sign, and it recommends that the stem cell transplants that “cured” Tim Brown in 2007 were not just flukes. There are various cautions that avoid this from turning into a surefire solution, although.

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