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Researcher’s Hypothesize Earth’s Crust To Be Peeling Into Two

On the coast of Portugal in 1969, there was a giant earthquake that kicked up a tsunami, which over a dozen of the populace. About 200 Years back in Lisbon, there was a large earthquake that literally killed around 100,000 people and devastating the city. The earthquakes in the same spot after a couple of years are not the exact cause for its recurrence. The seismologists are confused about how the shivers occurred even on the flatbeds of the ocean that too remote from any cracks or faults in the crust of the Earth wherein the tectonic plates’ shifting is known to emit energy and led to earthquakes.

The cause for the ripples underneath the Earth’s surface which is actually a very still place is a mystery till date. One of the reasons may be that the tectonic plate is tearing apart into two layers, which is an event that has never been observed before. The scientists’ team from the European Geosciences Union General Assembly state that the peeling is assumed to form a new subduction zone in which one tectonic plate is pushed below the other. The peeling may be caused due to the water-absorbing layer formed between the tectonic plates.

The layers are anticipated to have gone through a geological course named serpentinization wherein the water seeping through the cracks causes the layer to develop into soft green minerals. This transformation in the layers in between might be creating so much weakness in the plate for the beneath layers such that they peel off the top layer. This kind of fracture can create a measly subduction zone in reality. The team has its hypothesis proved using two-dimensional models. The scientists are adamant that their so-called hypothesis is indeed a reality the scientific community needs to understand and start taking the necessary measures required so as to secure our future generations.

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